Explanation on What Causes Sleep Paralysis

Many times happened to me to get up in the middle of the night and can’t move my hand. If happened to you also, don’t be afraid because science has an explanation for this and we will reveal it to you in this post! Stay with us and read more about sleep paralysis!

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sleep paralysis
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Sleep paralysis

This condition happens when you can’t move, impaired moving, or hallucinations, shortness of breath, and fast pulse. It’s feeling that someone is holding your hands and legs and you can’t make any movement. This is like a nightmare and an unpleasant experience and here are the causes.


Sleeping position

The sleeping position is factor number 1 for this condition. Maybe you put the hands under the head and this is why you can’t move your hand in the middle of the night when you wake up.

Mental illness

The next factor and reason is mental illness and maybe this is why you can’t sleep well, or can’t move any part from your body.


The next on the list is stress and this is the reason why sleep paralysis is attacking you constantly. It’s because you can’t control your emotions and feelings.

Sleeping per day

The worst thing to do is to sleep per day and stay awake per night. This is why sleep paralysis happens to you often. You, simply can’t control the stage REM that is rapid eye movement. The phase when you enter deeply in your dreams!


Coughing can leave you all night without a dream and suddenly when you fall asleep, you will be so tired so can’t move when suddenly wake up.

Heart attack

The worst thing to happen is exactly this, you can have a heart attack while sleeping and this right is the reason for not moving. In this case, you must ask for help!

This is the end of the post friends and now I want to thank you for the time and attention you spent with me. If ever happens this to you while sleeping, don’t be scared. Wait for a few minutes so you can start moving. Or, after a few minutes if you still can’t move, call an ambulance!