How to Make Layered Jello Mold

Good afternoon friends. After this hot and long day of work, we are finally home. Now, we can rest for 1 hour and then stand, go into the kitchen and prepare a dessert. Today we will give you the recipe of layered jello mold and I hope you will like to read it!

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layered jello mold
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The ingredients you will need to make a Layered Jello Mold are these:

2 cups: Fruit – such as berries, mixed red ( frozen)
1 cup: Granulated sugar
1: Cooking spray
7 cups: Cranberry juice cocktail
1 (14-ounce) can: Condensed milk, sweetened
1 5 (1/4-ounce) envelopes: Gelatin, unflavored powdered

layered jello mold
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Then instructions for preparation ar this:

  1. First:

Cut the fruit and prepare the mold.

2. Second:

Bloom the gelatine in a glass bowl and whisk it.

3. Third:

Heat the juice and sugar.

4. Fourth:

Melt the gelatine and dissolve it from the plate.

5. Fifth:

Divide the fruit mixture, cool the gelatine and add now the fruits.

6. Sixth:

Make the creamy layer and add it to the top.

7. Seven

Put it in the refrigerator and serve. Good appetite!

Just follow the instructions and you can’t make the wrong choice! Thanks for your time friends and keep following our page in the future for more recipes like this!