Learn to Say,,No,, Without Explanation

Many times in life we can’t say ,,No,, even if those moments when we surely can’t do something. We must be able to control ourselves and to deny offers and obligations when we aren’t ready for this. We don’t need to explain why we said no but we should be secure in our decision. Today in this post we will argue more about how to say ,,No,, to the people that are asking something for you and you aren’t ready to accept the challenge. If you could wish to do learn this, read the full text and learn some tips!

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say ,,no,,
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Say ,,No,, to your friend who was asking you to go with her/him and shopping. don’t waste your time in the stores when you don’t have time to do this.

Say ,,No,, to your girlfriend/boyfriend about the night date because you have to get up early in the morning and going to work. You don’t have to make excuses about it, just feel free to say,, No,,.

Say,, No,, to new commitments and start feeling sorry about this. Your life is only yours and here you bring the decisions.

My advice is to be polite when saying,,no,, to someone and this won’t offend anyone but you will just be honest and won’t look rude. Other advice is to not justify the answer you will give, you don’t even have to give the answer to anyone. Take time for you and first check your schedule if there is something important to you, you can refuse any other appointment that looks unimportant to you and will just lose your time. time is priceless so put yourself in the first place on the list!

In the end thanks so much for your attention and time and keep following our page in the future to read more about interesting topics.