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Pet Safe Houseplants for Indoor Place

Many people ( cats/dogs lovers) keep their pets ( cats or dogs ) indoors and don’t pay attention to the plants they grow inside the home. Having no idea how dangerous this can be for the pets, they continue with growing plants. This is why today we decided to give you pet-safe houseplants you can grow at home and feel secure, you, your pets but also if you have little kids.

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The list of pet-safe houseplants is the following one:

  • African Violet;
pet safe houseplants
Photo via www.crocus.co.uk
  • Air Plant;
air plant
Photo via www.silverinthecity.com
  • Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Plant;
alluminium plant
Photo via www.123rf.com
  • Christmas Cactus;
Christmas cactus
Photo via www.almanac.com
  • Some Varieties of Ferns;
Photo via www.onlineplantnursery.com
  • Friendship Plant;
friendship plant
Photo via www.davesgarden.com
  • Some Herbs;

Cats love eating grass because this helps to reduce stomach pain. But, you can grow cat grass, indoors, grass that is special and will help a lot to your lovely cat!

cat grass
Photo via www.hirts.com

Plant and grow these plants indoors and make sure that your pets will be good when you aren’t at home, the same with your little kids. You won’t even see when your child will touch the plant and put it in the mouth. Avoid growing plants like these and grow safe green plants!!!

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