What to do if he is Ignoring you

Hey dear friends and crazy lovers. Hope you are following our page each day and you didn’t miss the last post we shared yesterday. But, if you missed click here and read it, it was about why you should wear red clothes and being a sexier and more attractive woman for your partner.

Today we have again interesting post and this situation happened to all of us. We will show you what to do and how to deal if your partner is ignoring you. First of all, calm down and thin if you made some mistake in your relationship. Second of all, don’t worry because this happens in every relation and passes for a quick time.

Remember that if he is ignoring you he is teaching you how to live without him. If you can survive this, well ask yourself if you are realy in love with this person. If he is mad at you, he might be ignoring you but this won’t last for so long. If he really loves you he will fins ome way to forgive you.

Ask him what is the problem for his behavior and the reason for ignoring. Don’t cry if he says something bad to you and remembers that there are so many people in this world that will give you their love for you.

If you realize that you aren’t the reason for his ignorance, calm down and start ignoring him too. Delete his number, photos, unfriend him and wait how he will feel when he feels the same way as you are feeling now.

Follow him to find out if he has another girl and love in his life. If he doesn’t call you, don’t answe to your calls, he doesn’t want to kiss you, hug you, make love with you… Ask him if this is the end of your relationship and be free to go and look for some other love. You should be living like this with the person he ignores you, has another girl in live but still doesn’t leave you to be free.

If he is ignoring you because he has an important conversation on messenger and the phone is so important to him instead of you, let him go slowly in life.

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