Which Skills Do You Need for Paragliding

Hey friends. Almost every person loves to see paragliders flying the sky but not all of us are so brave to try this sport. To play this sport, to fly in the sky with a paraglider, is for people with many skills. If you have the skills, love paragliding, you are ready to start a paragliding course. Some of the skills we will mention in this post today so if you have it, be brave and try this at least once in life!!!

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Individual preparedness

Those who are brave and have an appropriate attitude will achieve better results than those who lack confidence.

Good eyes vision

With your eyes you need to be checking your position relative to the horizon or – when it feels bumpy or while doing maneuvers – looking directly at your wing overhead.  People with eye problems, shouldn’t be paragliding.


Paragliding isn’t meant for the speed demons and you must slow down when this is needed. If you are careful, patient above all, you will learn how to paragliding carefully.


Teamwork is very important because you shouldn’t fly alone but with other paragliders so if anything happens with your equipment they will help you.

Knowing the place where you will paragliding

The space for landing must be known by you, so the next skills you have to have is to know the place to land with your paraglider.

paragliding skills
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