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Look how People Are Changing in the Period of 20 years

Period of 20 years is such a long period and people at this time can change a lot. Here in the photo, we will present you women photographed in the year 1974 and in the year 1995 and many other years. As I said this is a long period and we shouldn’t be surprised by how we look now and we’ve been looking 20 years before. Also, we can make a small comparison between photos and realize that we aren’t kids anymore but adult people who already have 20 years and more!

I think that we can also keep photos of our children and take the same comparison for them and doing this 20 years after this period.

Christine Stauton (Left) And Christine Laughran (Right), 1974 And 1995

people changing
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Dave, Maggie And Steve Summerton 1974 And 1999

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How years can change people, these are Lyn (Left) And Stella Brashher (Righ), 1974 And 1999

20 years challenging
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Peter (Left) And Susie Gatesy (Right), 1974 And 2000

20 years challenge
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