The Symptoms of Having Panic Attack

Many of us have faced hypertension and this might happens due to panic and fear. To make a difference between these two feelings and conditions, you must know the symptoms of having a panic attack. Let me first describe what kind of attack this is. This is an episode of intense and severe reactions when actually there is no danger around. Stay with us because in this post we will keep exactly the symptoms we can expect to have when we have a panic attack.

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panic attack
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  • Racing” heart

The very first symptom is when yo have the rapid beating of your heart or scientists also call this a racing heart. This happens when you are facing with a panic attack.

  • Feeling a loss of control

The next symptom is to feel like you lost control and are lost in the crowd. This is why psychologists explain the fact that many people have an attack like this when they are in-crowd.

  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers.

If you see someone tingling or numbness with fingers on hands this means that the person isn’t good at that time and has some panic attack.

Chest pains and feeling ashamed because this happens you in a crowd

The next symptom is to feel chest pains and somehow you want to go home, to live the room and get away fro mall this. You will better life, instead of stay and feel ashamed in front of people.

Breathing difficulties

Suddenly you have no regularly breathing and have less breath. This is the last sign we have to share with you. In a room, without windows you can feel even worse and try to escape from this place. This is also named claustrophobia and has the same symptoms as panic attacks.

breathing difficulties

Thanks a lot for your time and maybe sometimes you were in a situation like this and have no idea that you actually are having this problem. If you have the problem, call your doctor that is the real person that can help you and give you some useful advice and pills.