Today is The First Day of Summer 2020!

Good morning friends. This lovely Saturday we should be happy because it is the first day of the summer period. This morning the sunrise was at 5:44 so now we can say hello to the best period of the year.

Depending on countries, but in most of them today is the start of the summer while in others, tomorrow on 21 June. While the end of the summer is in autumn, in 21 to 23 September.

Why kids are worse when mothers are home? Check the details on the last post we shared recently on our page.

This summer we can’t rest comfortably like last year because we must wear masks on the beaches, we must avoid contact with other people. However, we will survive with the hope that next year we will go to vacation freely, without viruses.

What you can see in the next photo is summer sunrise, enjoy in nice VIEW.

first day of summer
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Summer is great because students have nothing to study, children, either. We all have free days from our work to get rest. Outside is hot so we can travel and wearing not many clothes on us. The water is hot so we can swim if we succeed to visit some lakes. Watermelon is here to cheer our kids, ice creams, and this is what we all love this time of the year!!!

Thanks for being with us in this early hours and I hope you will keep following our page tomorrow when we will be back with new post.