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We Live Most of our Life in our Head?

Why we live most of our lives in our heads? We plan things that never happens, we worry about things that never happen. We forget that life is too short and we should live every day like it is the last day of our life. We forget to tell how much we love our family, to give presents, to say nice words. Our head is filled with moments, with a thought about what will happen tomorrow, where to travel, where to celebrate the New Year and other things.

Oh, this is too many friends! Too many thoughts in such a small head we have. Live your life in reality and don’t exaggerate with your thought in mind!!!

living life in your head
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This is why we can read somewhere that: You live most of your life inside your head, make a nice place to be. This means to have nice words there, positive thoughts. To help other people, to be a good person for everyone.

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