Why Your Dog Is Making Mess at Home?

Those who keep their pets (dog) at home know hat means a MESS at home. Especially, this happens when the dog is home alone and the owners are at work. When you come back after work, you wish you better didn’t open that front door of the house. Pillows on the floor bowls poured in the kitchen and you feel so tired to clean the house after a long working day. In this post, we will give you the answer to why dogs are making mess at home, so stay with us for some time and find the real answer.

dog making mess

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Due to stress

Actually, the dog doesn’t make this because it is mad at you. Yes, they have some feelings like anxiety or depression but never want to hurt you and make something against you. Stress might be the reason why your dog made such a mess at home.

Moved to a new place

Dogs understand our emotions, our language and know how we feel. But their brain isn’t working the same as a human’s brain WORKS. They live in the present but also remember the old house and place where you’ve been living before. If you lifted maybe this is the reason for making the mess at home.

Your dog wants to go for a walk

The next reason is that your dog refuses to stay indoors but want to go for a walk. If you are busy all day, it isn’t a good idea to leave your dog at home alone. You can take your dog for a walk before work so in this way to avoid making a mess at home. Because your dog will be tired.

dog making mess
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Maybe some of these reasons are forcing your dog to make a mess. However, how can be made to that cute little dog with the blues eyes that looks at you in an innocent way? You will just clean the house and take a huge hug to your dog and simply forget what happened that day. 🙂