After two Months, Fire in Siberia is Still Visible on the Space

After two months from the fire in Siberia, the battles are still continuing and the Russian authorities continue trying to contain the fires that have been raging and can’t stop.

Figures released by the Russian Federal Forestry Agency showed the army’s efforts had reduced the area containing “active fires” to 2.5 million hectares. A lot of animals here asked for help in the humans, trying to escape from the fire and we could see all this in the photos below.

Last night fire happened in my town too, in the Osogovo mountains where many villa’s, wooden cottages were destroyed and the fire is still burning. This reminded me of Siberia and I decided to write a post about it. If you are interested to stay with me to the end but I will keep on Siberia.

fire in siberia
Photo via www.mnews.world/en

The contradicted estimations from the environmental organization Greenpeace Russia, which said this area spanned 4.3 million hectares — a marked increase from the 3 million hectares it reported last week. Russian people are scared because slowly but surely the fire is coming and can be dangerous through their health and also can burn all the houses and buildings.

In the following we can see Satellite imaging expert Annamaria Luongo created an animation showing a 2,000km crosssection of the Sakha Republic that is littered with fires, which the Disaster Management Service of the European network Copernicus transferred to Euronews. Who will say that this fire can be seen on the space???

Some of the fires in the Irkutsk region were caused by illegal logging, according to the Attorney General which is something usual and we can see every day in our forests.

Also, read about an instructive story that was about the man who was selling eggs.

Some experts say that this is normal and the summer fires in Siberia are part of a natural cycle, but the extent, intensity, and duration of this year’s fires are unprecedented, according to experts. Greenpeace criticized authorities for waiting too long to tackle the wildfires.

In the following photo, we can see that the fire is visible on the space which needs to be our question mark what is going to happen with the world if this fire continues in the next months.

Photo via www.euronews.com

Even though forests should be our natural treasure we humans don’t care about it and we destroy every tree in the forest. We try to get rich from the wooden logs even though we can burn the forests around. However, we shouldn’t do anything else but just to wait for the rains to save us and people living in Russia!