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Cleaning Hacks With Toothpaste

If you thought that toothpaste is used only to wash your teeth, you have no idea that you can use it also for cleaning. Stay with us in the following to read some toothpaste uses to clean the home place!

Before checking the post about cleaning, I also read about how to make fruit catering on the plate by using different fruits. After cleaning, you can play with food and do some healthy meals for you and for the whole family! Se now the toothpaste uses!

cleaning hacks with toothpaste

Clean a scorched iron

The best way to clean a scorched iron is to apply toothpaste on it and this is it, now you have new iron to iron our clothes.

cleaning hacks with toothpaste

Remove carpet stains

All carpet stains from pets, your young children made it, you can clean it with applying toothpaste. Clean all carpets you have at home!

remove carpet stains

Remove crayon from the walls

Does your little child paint something on the wall? Don’t worry, just clean it with toothpaste and remember this advice each time when this happens.

remove crayons on the walls

Clean the bathroom sink

You can also clean the bathroom sink and tiles using the toothpaste. It’s better to use toothpaste instead of using a detergent for cleaning.

bathroom sink

Clean the glasses

Either you can clean the glasses with toothpaste and have new glasses for a few minutes.

clean the glasses

Clean your shoes with toothpaste

Get shoes clean with the same tips – by using the toothpaste. This is the last cleaning hacks we prepared for you today. I hope you are inspired now and you will clean the whole house with toothpaste.

cleaning shoes

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