Coffee Can Have a Disruptive Effect on Your Sleep

Coffee. We all drink it and we all love it. Some of us drink it even too much so this can be the reason for not eating and staying awake all night. Coffee contains caffeine and this might keep you staying awake during the night. This is why doctors say that we should drink coffee after 7 p.m. but we should go to bed early and drink the coffee in the morning. One recent study also found that caffeine can┬ádelay the timing of your body clock. You will get into bed but you won’t be able to fall asleep.

coffee and disruptive effect

To be honest, this happens to me almost every night when guests come to my house so I drink coffee with them. Then, I stay awake all night and the next day I can’t function. If you are doing the same thing and you are asking yourself why you can’t sleep during the day, this is the thing that you should stop doing. Stop drinking coffee too much and forget about the coffee mug when it’s time for sleeping.

Not just on sleeping but science says that coffee also has an influence on your appetite for eating. If you drink coffee you will lose your appetite. So, the best period to drink coffee is after lunch, after breakfast. I beleive that many people don’t respect this, they drink coffee in the morning so they can’t eat their breakfast and go directly at lunch. All this makes ur stomach bad and feeling sick and we should stop doing it.

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