Gambling Addiction Has the Same Effect as Alcohol Does to our Brain

Science says that gambling addiction has the same effect on our brain as alcohol and any type of drug has. If a person plays this game, it’s hard to get rid of this habit and most of these people continue doing this during their all life. This is something bad, something that will take you all your salary money and you won’t get anything at all. Sometimes maybe you will get something from it but the next time when you will go there and try your lucky day, you will go home without a penny.

gambling addcition
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People who have this type of addiction can lose their mental health, say the doctors. They come into the casino with the aim to achieve a large amount of money but they go home without any dollar. this is why every person should not go there and try to earn money and ass the month.

I think that this is a very important topic for those families that parents try to find some way to pass the month and the father spends all the money for gambling. BAD< BAD, BAD HABIT!

In, the end, my advice for all people is that we should save our money and use for traveling around and spending money for this and not for going into the casino and playing games that will only satisfy our mind.

If any person can’t forget this hobby, should ask for some help or someone else to help him to forget the habit and continue living a normal life.

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