Handshaking of a Baby and Footballer Born With One Hand, Heart-melting

Some people aren’t born with two hands and two legs but some of us have disabilities that must wear all life. To have a disability like this means to be watched by every person while passing the street, walking around because this is something you can’t hide it. ( I don’t know for the other countries but in my country is surely like this). Our topic for today is exactly this and we will keep on 2 years old little boy born without an arm.

The name of this footballer is Carson Pickett and she is an American soccer defender who currently plays for Orlando Pride of the NWS. This little boy that you can see in the photo now he has 2 years old, his name Joseph Tidd and they two have a similar handicap.

This little boy has his own Instagram profile and already have 1.000 followers for only 5 days. Take a look in the photo that melted the hearts of millions of Americans and will melt your heart sure, and also check the next photo where we will take you to the Insta profile of little boy.

Photo via www.glamur.mk/

Literally, within five minutes of me meeting him, we had an instant bond, “It’s interesting, though, because for a kid that young, I didn’t expect him to connect the way he did. Even though we both have the same arm, it was amazing to me that it felt like he realized why we were bonded.

“I know I might be seen as his role model, but he’s also mine. It’s just a gift to feel so much emotion from a little boy who understands you in a way other people can’t.”

Said the footballer, Picket.


Follow this link that will take you to the profile of this two years old boy born with one had that shared awareness. To sum up, we need to accept every person even though we are all different, some have a happy life and live with beautiful body and face, some are ugly, ugly face and body, and there are also others the worst category, they are so beautiful but have to live their life without hand/arm. Sad but true! What can we do when this is God’s wish and maybe he has a reason for this! Life goes on!