Here’s the new name of Princess Charlotte at School

While recently we were talking about the 1st of September and the new start of the school year, we must talk two words for celebrities who also attend school this year for the very first time. Our topic today will be about Princess Charlotte who won’t be called a princess by her colleagues but she will have a different name. Stay with us to the end of the post and find out the NAME.

Princess Charlotte
Photo via www.cosmopolitan.com

Princess Charlotte is starting school at St Thomas’s Battersea on Thursday, and a) there will probably/maybe/hopefully be a fleet of cute photos, and b) she’s going by a completely different name. Her brother is also going to the same school and this year they will be starting from the 5th of September. Actually, her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, but the world obviously knows her best as Princess Charlotte.

Her new name will be Charlotte Cambridge by as in, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). Her brothers also are called this way, Cambridge, even though the world knows them as Princes.

To conclude, I think that the new name of this cute little princess is cute like she is! The princess and the prince, we can call them at any time but in school, they are the same as the other classmates.

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