How to Call Your Mother-in-law?

Tradition and family relations are different in different countries. For example, in USA daughters in law call their mother and father in law by their name. In my country, daughters in law call their mothers in law,,Mom,, and their fathers in law,, Daddy,,. This isn’t the case with all of them, because some of them simply can’t say mom and dad to people that aren’t their parents.

there are daughters in law that call their mother in law by their first name or call it Mrs and the name, which is also okay. Also, there are those who don’t call anyway to their mothers in law which can be sometimes embarrassing when there will be guests at the home and they don’t know how to call them.

mother in law

My opinion about this is that all depends on the person and how the person is educated from home. These people deserve respect from their daughters in law, but even if they don’t call them mom and them, they can respect them. Because there are cases when they are being called mom and dad by their daughter in law but never get respect from them.

Nowadays, when living in modern society, most of the children don’t call mom and dad to their own parents and call them by name. To be honest, this scares me a little because one day, when my children will be grown-up, I’m afraid of not calling me mom because I’m spending too much time to grow them in retreat to deserve a little respect.

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